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Finland-Asia Network for Sustainable Experience Design Education (SEDE-FAN)

Sustainable consumption and production promote resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure and access to a better quality of life toward building of a sustainable economy that works for both people and planet. People, the most critical stakeholder of a sustainable economy, experience various consumption practices in their everyday life and in their job activities as consumers, users and customers. The key nature of experiences is that every consumer and user make their own experiences and diverse values are elucidated through these experiences. It is highly desirable to design diverse services to support sustainable consumption experiences.
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As experiences are created by all individual consumers and users under various contexts, the nature
how sustainable consumption experiences are made reflects the characteristics of the actors and their
cultures and living contexts. Toward the common goal of sustainable consumption experiences,
effective and efficient education methods and expertises can vary a lot in Finland and in Asia reflecting
relevant characteristics.

The goal of the project entitled “Finland-Asia Network for Sustainable Experience Design Education”
(SEDE-FAN) to be related with EDUCase platform is to build the network of higher education institutes
in Finland and in various countries in Asia so that successful efforts in Sustainable Experience Design
education in Finland and in various countries in Asia can be shared. The knowledge and principles
underpinning such educational methods and expertise can be collected, stored, exchanged, retrieved,
reused and enhanced through SEDE-FAN.

The SEDE-FAN will provide a platform where various characteristics of actors and diverse contexts of
respective regions are systematically represented and specific design methods can be analyzed and
classified in a structured manner. This schema for context-based modeling will also provide practical
tools for representing design activities utilized in respective design education approaches.
The critical aspect of the project would be the diversity of Asia partners and Finnish collaborators.
Target Asian partners would be Korea and Singapore in 2022 and China and south east countries like
Malaysia, Indonesia and Viet Nam in 2023. Note that three different institutions in China from different
local regions in China will participate: Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. The follwoing Finnish
institutions will join the network with the leadership role of the University of Turku: Jyväskylä
University of Applied Science (JAMK) will join the network from 2022 as well as Abo Akademi, Turku
University of Applied Science, Novia University of Applied Science. Aalto University and University
of Oulu will join the network in 2023.

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Important activities of the project are workshops. At workshops, active exchange of knowledge and
findings in Sustainable Experience Design educations can be made. Two main workshops will be held
in Turku, Finland, at summers of 2022 and 2023. In 2022, one workshop will be held in Korea and in
Singapore respectively during their fall semesters. In 2023, one workshop will be held in China and two
in south east Asian countries.

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Yong Se KIM
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Turku

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