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SGT24, Participatory outdoor planning as a valuable tool for building trust with local people, Brazil-2024. Source: Karolin Kull.
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Transforming Interdisciplinary Education: Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) Across Four Continents

The true impact of our actions often unfolds over time, as demonstrated by the students at the SGT FAIR’24 on May 22. Their work showcased how a single student challenge can drive significant change.
A Global Learning Space: Empowering Students for Responsible Global Engagement
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A Global Learning Space: Empowering Students for Responsible Global Engagement

As part of the EDUCase network, the University of Oulu has offered to be the testing ground of a virtual learning initiative that aims to revolutionize virtual learning.
Virtual Education in Africa
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LUT University and Aalto University export virtual education to Africa

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and Aalto University have joined forces to export virtual education to the continent.
Photo: Aalto University/Lasse Lecklin
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Integrating entrepreneurship into forestry and agriculture education is critical for Africa

Assistant Professor Patrick Shulist co-develops entrepreneurship education with African partners
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Education and Development: Importance of Innovation for Sustainability Building

Tampere University in cooperation with University of Johannesburg organizes a five-credit course on “Innovation for Sustainability” with students both from Finland and South Africa. The course highlights several real-life examples as case studies meanwhile outlining key theoretical frameworks that can facilitate approaches to solving complex sustainability challenges.
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Finnish-ASEAN academic platform for sustainable development (FAPSU)

FAPSU has received seed funding from the University of Turku for activities under Ministry of Education International Programme global pilots for 2022-2023
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