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EDUCase network member organisations host academic collaborations, innovation projects, professional development, and capacity-building activities. Projects are implemented independently by member organisations and their regional partners in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s global programme includes several networks active in the same regions. To find out more about our sister networks, visit: FAPI, FICORE, GINTLSAFINET 

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Education and Development: Importance of Innovation for Sustainability Building

Tampere University in cooperation with University of Johannesburg organizes a five-credit course on “Innovation for Sustainability” with students both from Finland and South Africa. The course highlights several real-life examples as case studies meanwhile outlining key theoretical frameworks that can facilitate approaches to solving complex sustainability challenges.

EDUCase Platform
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Finnish-ASEAN academic platform for sustainable development (FAPSU)

FAPSU has received seed funding from the University of Turku for activities under Ministry of Education International Programme global pilots for 2022-2023

EDUCase Platform
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Finland-Asia Network for Sustainable Experience Design Education (SEDE-FAN)

Sustainable consumption and production promote resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure and access to a better quality of life toward building of a sustainable economy that works for both people and planet. People, the most critical stakeholder of a sustainable economy, experience various consumption practices in their everyday life and in their job activities as consumers, users and
customers. The key nature of experiences is that every consumer and user make their own experiences
and diverse values are elucidated through these experiences. It is highly desirable to design diverse
services to support sustainable consumption experiences.

EDUCase Platform
Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution, University of Eastern Finland.

Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution - course series and teaching network  at the University of Eastern Finland

The project Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution is coordinated by The University of Eastern Finland.

EDUCase Platform
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The EDUCase project at the University of the Arts Helsinki

Initiated by the Finnish Ministry for education and culture, the EDUCase platform at the University of the Arts Helsinki aims to establish interdisciplinary collaborative arts projects that bring together stakeholders from Finland, Tanzania, and Mozambique in the fields of art, visual arts, theatre, and music.

EDUCase Platform
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EDUCase HANKEN is an institutional initiative of Hanken School of Economics, encompassing the university’s key activities related to EDUCase Platform.

EDUCase Platform
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FOREST21 is a multi-stakeholder project for strengthening the South African higher education sector in climate-smart forestry. The project team involves five South African higher education institutions (HEIs) that have forestry curricula or are about to start teaching forestry, Finnish and Norwegian HEIs, and the South African forest industry.

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AgriSCALE is a joint initiative by 9 HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in Finland, Kenya, Italy, Uganda and Zambia. We reform agri-entrepreneurship education to equip graduates with working life-relevant and entrepreneurial skills. The new generation will have the competencies to create jobs and to improve the sustainability of agriculture.

EDUCase Platform
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PBL-BioAfrica is a collaborative project for strengthening the capacity of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in bioeconomy in Kenya and Zambia. We integrate problem-based learning (PBL) methods into bio-entrepreneurship education to equip graduates with analytical, practical and entrepreneurial skills needed in working life.

EDUCase Platform
Students working in Nepal

Sustainable community reconstruction post-disaster earthquake 2015 (2018-2019)

The Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) and Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) studio course at Aalto University partnered around consecutive project courses involving students from both universities, to jointly develop teaching related to humanitarian interventions and to support participatory approaches to reconstruction.

EDUCase Platform
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Contextualising PBL methods to the South Asian context in Mumbai

In the context of the PBL South Asia project, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay hosted an intensive training programme to identify and deliberate on best practices in PBL education in the South Asian context, The training brought together academic staff and students from Indian, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Finnish, Dutch and Lithuanian universities, to jointly conduct case studies related to the built environment in the Mumbai area.

EDUCase Platform
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