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PBL-BioAfrica is a collaborative project for strengthening the capacity of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in bioeconomy in Kenya and Zambia. PBL-BioAfrica integrates problem-based learning (PBL) methods into bio-entrepreneurship education to equip graduates with analytical, practical, and entrepreneurial skills needed in working life.
Students studying together

PBL BioAfrica strengthens open distance learning to reach a large number of students, linking climate-smart agriculture to business development. Through PBL-BioAfrica, students can participate in collaborative industry projects, and teachers are provided training on PBL methods, online participatory teaching, and climate-smart agriculture topics. Recognising the role and potential of women in agriculture is also essential for the aims of both equality and economic development. 

PBL-BioAfrica also promotes the networks among HEIs nationally and internationally, as well as within the industrial sector. Project results and best practices in student-centered learning are spread to wider sub-Saharan Africa to make an impact even after the lifetime of the project. 

Countries: Finland, Kenya and Zambia 
Themes: Bioeconomy and agriculture, Educational systems/ methods, Sustainable use of natural resources
Members: HAMK and Aalto University 

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